Home Buying Tips – Choosing your attorney

How long has the attorney been in practice?

How many transactions have they handled?

Do real estate transaction make up a large part of their practice?

How long have they been practicing in this field?

If you would like an initial consultation will the attorney agree to meet with you? If so, will they charge for it? How much?

Will you be charged a flat fee or will you be charged on an hourly basis. Hourly billing for residential real estate transactions is unusual and, potentially, extremely costly

Given the nature of your transaction, does the attorney believe that he is familiar with the resolution of any anticipated problems?

Recommendations from real estate brokers and salespersons, mortgage brokers and bankers and others working full time in the field will generally yield the names of experienced attorneys   

DETERMINE THE CONDITION OF THE PROPERTY – It is important to check the condition of the real estate before you sign the contract. If you choose, you may have the premises inspected in advance by a professional or a knowledgeable friend before you are legally bound to buy it. The cost of repairs (or the performance of the repairs themselves) may be addressed in your purchase contract if the seller agrees. Because, as a general rule you accept the condition of the property when you sign the contract (subject to a final inspection before the closing), it is best not rely on the Sellers’ representations about the condition of the house.

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